I'm Susan Morris and I've been researching family, friends and clients' family history since 2004. You can find more about me here.

This website collects together some of the the family histories which I've researched as well as provide links to the Emptages of Thanet website. If you click on a section, you'll get all the chapters for that section with the most recent first. Alternatively, hover the cursor over the section and you'll see a drop down menu, with the chapters listed in order. Click on the first one to read the start of the story and then on the link at the end of each chapter to take you to the next. I hope you'll find some of these histories of interest, even though some still remain to be finished. If you think you may be connected to any of the families, or can add anything to the family histories .

A surprising addition to this website, which I never expected, is the Diary of a Novice Cat Owner and Slave. My partner is an experienced cat owner but I entered into this part of my life with not a little trepidation. Tux and Tabs, whilst giving me a few more grey hairs, have brought immense joy and much laughter into my life.

Susan - the Gal